written by
Alan Richardson

Video promotion campaign tactics

talotics.com 1 min read

I release a lot of videos. They tend to be ‘evergreen’ which means I want to promote them for a long time.

To do that I really need a transcription of the video.

I can then:

  • add the subtitles to YouTube to increase SEO
  • pull out quotes from the transcription to convert into images for Twitter, Instagram
  • burn the subtitles into the video, at different sizes to use for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - all of these would be ‘teasers’ for the YouTube video
  • burn the subtitles into the video and split into smaller chunks for IGTV
  • download the .srt as text and format into blog posts or ebooks
    • these could be lead magnets
    • or converted into ebooks

The YouTube automated subtitles are quite good. I still find I need to edit them and it can easily take me 30 - 60 minutes to create for a 20 minute video.

Trint is quite good, but it again it can take me 30 - 60 minutes for a 20 minute video.

Rev.com is $1 a minute, and they also have quite a good .srt editor for double checking and amending your file. This will export as text, str and the facebook srt if you want to upload the videos directly to Facebook.

If you create a lot of videos then it can become expensive, but if you are trying to use the videos to make money or drive a campaign then the $20 for twenty minutes to help create 40+ pieces of promotional content, might be worth while.

While you are waiting for the .srt to come back, you could spend the hour you’ve saved creating planning your next campaigns, or working on your next video.