written by
Alan Richardson

Change your pinned tweet

talotics.com 1 min read

I had neglected my pinned tweet until someone mentioned that I “hadn’t tweeted in a while”. I had. But I hadn’t changed my pinned tweet.

It seems that some people, when they visit your profile, look at the pinned tweet and then if that hasn’t been updated recently, don’t look at your feed.

This might mean that we should:

  • never used pinned tweets
  • update the pinned tweet regularly

I think “Update the pinned tweet regularly” is the optimum strategy.

Why use a pinned tweet?

The pinned tweet sits at the top of the feed.

If you tweet a lot, and retweet other peoples’ stuff.

Then your call to action or high value promotion tweets might get lost.

If you use a pinned tweet, then you can make that tweet visible even when you are active on Twitter.


Update the pinned tweet regularly

Assuming that you are:

  • tweeting regularly
  • promoting your stuff
  • want people to see your promotion

Create a ‘promotion’ tweet every week, and when you do - update the pinned tweet to be this ‘promotion’

This way your promotion won’t get lost.

Delete the pinned tweet totally

If you are not promoting anything then delete the pinned tweet so that it doesn’t make people think that you have not tweeted for a while.

Let the feed speak for itself for a while.

Avoid the "leave it" strategy

Leave a tweet sitting there promoting something for a long time.

If you want to promote something for a long period of time. Periodically re-tweet it and refresh the pinned tweet.